Alternator w terminal for tacho pulse

Alternator w terminal for tacho pulse. Hi all I have just bought a rev counter for the landy and I am not sure what terminal on the alternator is 'w' could any body tell me one it is from this photo? Thanks in advance . However the description in the manual says that "the instrument panel Can of worms! If a tacho for a petrol engine that takes a feed from the ignition, then generally all you set up is the number of cylinders. C. It's a 70amp. My Classifieds: 0. 406/416 alternator W terminal question. Mar 8, 2015 The tacho is a boat (Wema) tachometer. HELP?: Diesel/Alternator Tachometer 3-3/8” & 5” If after reading … Add "W" terminal wire to Bosch/Valeo serp-belt TDI alternator - page 1 - FAQ/Tech Tips/Please Read First I have a 120A serpentine one. 166 = 25. AM. 9v and when you allow for the lower duty cycle, the 7v you The W terminal is taken from the unrectified side of the diode pack so it gives You may also find that if the tacho isn't designed to run on an alternator signal it might not work. If the speed signal takes from W-Terminal, All these alternators have the oval, 4-pin Metri Pack 150 connector on the built-in regulator. Typically, a Bosch alternator has three main terminals: B, D+, and DF. casing and d- to batt -. A longer belt will be needed. At this point the meter should be displaying a fairly constant AC voltage. A replacement circuit board to convert a Smiths RVI tachometer to RVC. Check the voltage across the battery with the engine running above tick-over. The pulses were (probably) converted to a variable voltage, going higher as the input pulses per second increased, which then drove the meter. Oh, and the alternator will go around a bit quicker, which should help the charging. Supplied with mounting AUTOGAUGE 52mm DIESEL TACHO + FITTING KIT+ POD Item number: 360062318193 . terminal is wired to the proper location for a valid signal. spin drill, be ready for either a build up of reactive torque, or a sudden kick as reg cuts in. Logged '91 1. The other side of the 820 ohm resistor goes directly to the tacho. $40. Communication (*Check with manufacturer) BSS. The B+ terminal is responsible for connecting to the battery, while the W/L terminal is for connecting to the vehicle’s wiring harness. The w terminals have a square wave output with less than 50% duty cycle - the peak voltage will be close to output voltage, typically 14V ish. Engine hours: 2 Separate engine hour logs The standard Isuzu alternator has an integral regulator which makes it even easier to wire up. . Connect the W Terminal. It covers everything from HEI ignitions, digital ignition boxes, coil-on-plug setups, and even diesel applications. bracket hole 60 G Belt adj. Disconnect Purple wire from Speedometer (if connected) 2. Heavy duty Red. The tachometer never worked since and upon looking at it recently I saw that the tacho cable was disconnected. Dubsy. 30 AUD. I was concerned about 25 pulse per engine rpm being too low as The B+ and D+ terminals on your alternator are the positive and negative connections of the battery. 40 E Pos. others do take a signal from an 'R' terminal of the alternator. Logged Bryn 1994 Jetta - AHU M-TDI - Jezebel Jetta 2004 Jetta Cut the appropriate lengths of wire and strip the insulation from the ends. Please Check the manufacturers instructions for specific application of wiring terminal designation. There are two (2) wires for the lighting; … Franklin Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine delivers effective, safe, and natural health care to the people of Franklin, Tennessee and the Nashville area. "Needed this for lawn mower build. libbydiesel. For magnetic sensor (pickup) driven models, the pulses are obtained from the ring gear of an engine flywheel (having from 50 to 304 teeth). There are also two additional wires that can be found in a Bosch alternator. A switched +12 or 24 volt wire can be found coming from the ignition switch 1. Can you probe the small terminal with the engine running? If it's 0. (512us 12v pulse for for ignition fire and to ignore a 64us pulse for key the MS doesn't appear to have a tacho output and the alternator doesn't have a The alternator doesn't have the required 'W' terminal to connect the gauge to the alternator. To be more specific, it creates an AC voltage whose frequency is proportional to the rotational speed of the engine. In this first step, switch on your multimeter. The pulley ratios would need to be calculated. necessary to configure the gauge before installation. … #1. Reply #22 April 05, 2020, 08:13:35 pm. If your Tachometer is equipped with an hourmeter, the hourmeter will be energized when the the engine is running. Some of these Bosch "1-wire" IF alternators with "multi function regulators" (MFR) have got a dedicated tach or "W" connector sticking out from the … 2. The W terminal is the connection point for the stator winding voltage, which is used to regulate the alternator output. Normally, most tacho faults are usually an indication that all is not well with the charging system. Fits Smiths/Jaeger RVI. See page 2 - Setting up the Tachometer. Logged Reply #129 November 14, 2014, 05:05:28 am. It's a feed from the ECU, so I'm 99% sure it would be. I'd be more inclined to suspect a fault in the alternator voltage regulator pack. Option 2 would be to use an aftermarket gauge (like a Murphy or Datcom unit) that picks up a signal from a mag pickup (speed What are the pros and cons of using the alternator W terminal sensor style of tacho compared to using a injector pipe pulse style (Tiny Tach type). 166 ratio (Pulse = 12 x 2. If the tachometer needle does not go to zero when powered up, the tachometer is not grounded properly or does not have power to the (POS) terminal. There is also a selector switch, but I assume this is to set the pulse count to match the scaling. these tachometer/hour meter instruments are electrically suitable for replacing most volvo penta instruments with digital engine hours … In fact the tacho on the 2030 etc engines gets its signal from the W terminal on the alternator. The tachometer measures the engine’s working speed. It combines the features of compact transfer keys as well as of universal devices. So it is a tachometer signal. Products. Visit site. alternator has gone walkies, so now I am left puzzled by the rewiring of it. Page 1 PRECAUTIONS: Read ALL instructions before installing instrument. Basically, you have three wires going to a round connector on the back of the alternator plus a heavy black wire (B) going to the output stud also on the back of the alternator. A: Battery Sense AC: Neutral or Star AS: Voltage sense, external B+: Battery B-: Earth BSS: ECU communication BSS1: ECU communication BSS2: ECU 3) Get someone to hold the car at, say, 1000 rpm. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Input Pulse Range: 4 to 50,000Hz: Accuracy <= 1%: Sender Compatibility: Ignition coil, alternator (“W”, “R” or “AC”) terminal, hall effect, VR or inductive sender: Threshold: Automatically adjusts to signal level: Input Connector: Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3. Pulse range 0. Typically, there are two main terminals: the B+ terminal and the W/L terminal. B terminal – Main alternator output terminal (connected to the battery) F terminal – Full-field bypass June 12th, 2017. That is the measured period, T k, is represented by. a lot of these mechanically injected diesels don’t have a 3-wire alternator to start with, which is a requirement to use the standard tach adapter to have a 3-wire alternator because the W terminal on these is what is used to generate an RPM source tach signal for the TachoTerminal Pro2. Step 4: Connect the Battery Terminal (B). One is ground (chassis), One is positive 12 volt in our case and will be connected to ignition power (on when engine running), One is for illumination and is obvious as it connects to the base of a bulb holder usually. 8volts. 1 4. Caution. Have an alternator on a narrow boat that has failed for various reasons. 5di (not tddi, or tdci). , 2600 or 3400 rpm, 12/24v, can be driven from. 5ms move the motor counter-clockwise toward the 0° position, while pulses longer than 1. But my problem is that the mitsubishi alternator has no markings on the alternator terminals. Unfortunately this needs three people. This required a bunch of calculations to understand how many pulses generated by the alternator to a revolution of the engine. 80mm. wire, connect the (SIG) terminal to the alternator AC tap terminal (R terminal), or to the pulse generator signal wire. These pulses can be converted to a meter reading by using them to trigger a multivibrator circuit which produces a finite pulse length of fixed voltage. 992) - The tachometer is labeled with both a VDO and a VolvoPenta part number. Attachments. But still no dice, the tacho refuses to move. Connect the Tacho (AC Tap) or ‘W’ connection of the alternator to the positive Tacho input of the EMU-1. 0-8. The rev counter is driven by a feed from the W terminal on the alternator. Tacho feed is from the alternator W Terminal. The DSL-1 C has an adjustable range of 4. I dont know what kind of signal tachometers pickup so I can alter it. you will find the alternator dosent have a w terminal by choice. I would like to get the RPM from it. Which would require alternator … The W terminal is one of the many important alternator terminals. - The new alternator is a 12 pole alternator with a 1:2. The frequency of this output will depend not only on the engine RPM but also the ratio of the crank and alternator pulley circumference. For using a standard 4-6-8 cylinder tachometer on a diesel engine, the DSL-1 C can At over eight minutes long, the video is packed with vital pointers, installation tips, and general guidelines to show you exactly how to wire-up your vehicle’s tachometer. Currently hooking up to a rev counter that is being fitted. Parts4 Engines in the U. The rev counter is basically a form of frequency counter that then displays this as engine speed. Alternator driven models function from pulses generated by the engine driven alternator that charges the battery. Home. Posts 775 Location Isle of Man. Cockpit International Tachourmeter- 4000rpm. There's no need for the W output on the car; it already has an engine speed sensor. Normally tachometer or RPM info is picked up from the windings of the alternator. The VDO unit sounds like it's for a petrol engine and picking up one of the spark plug 'pulses'. Pulses shorter than 1. 3 reg nackered, or other fault. VDO Cockpit International Tachourmeter. terminals of new alternator. Connect the wire from pin #4 to a switched +12 volt or +24 volt source. The AD244 is larger, moving the pulley further away from the standard center point of the AD230. Hole Size. The sensor with the blue goop on it to the left of the timing opening was to be used to drive the tachometer. I have the right diesel tach, but it no worky. Black 5 Ground/Chassis or battery negative Green 6 Switched ignition positive 12volt supply (via 3A fuse) I am using a Pulse to Analogue convertor rated for 0 - 1 kHz to 0 - 10vdc, and have roughly worked out that at max display revs of 3,000 RPM to expect a pulse frequency ~ 750 hz. Connect one end of the wire from the B terminal on the alternator to the battery’s positive terminal. Smaller pulley gives more rotations of the alternator and so more RPM on your tacho. I believe it should attach to one of the stator windings? before the rectifier … In this case, I measured 2. > Lee D. Many tachometers from the early 160s on not The motor anticipates receiving a pulse every 20 milliseconds (ms), and the length of the pulse dictates how far the motor will turn. 636 = 8. There are others that pick up pulses from a gear or toothed wheel. 5 - 15 volts) then it's D+ and is used for excitation. It's possible that it isn't driven by the alternator; some 4108s have a separate tacho sender. You’ll learn about topics like how a tachometer works The W terminal on an alternator is the output signal to the tachometer. Kraftwerk. The first is that my schematic I drew before taking off my Lucas 50amp. 22. Next, you need to identify the various terminals of the Bosch alternator. The W terminal drives the tachometer. But alternator output ok. 00258 seconds-per-wave into waves … I have a Dakota Digital tach converter, but it requires a full 14. The R terminal is the voltage sensing connection to the regulator. Alternator W connection. The W wire is used to measure the voltage at the battery and provide feedback to the voltage regulator. When connecting the wires to the terminals, use the correct size. Disconnect battery cables to help prevent arcing or damage to equipment. Using 18-ga. 5. On most modern petrol EFI vehicles 1985 The signal to the tacho comes from the W terminal via wire 10 in the diagram It is a direct connection to one of the stator coils. Brand New Volvo Penta Tachometers with digital engine hour meter, fully programmable. Two Tacho inputs for connecting directly to the RPM Sender compatibility: Ignition coil, alternator ("W", "R" or "AC") terminal, hall effect, VR or inductive Input connector: Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3. For some reason a lot of the ABA motors have an alternator that came with a 'W' terminal, so there are loads of them available. Odd one this but know someone here has the answer. Press button and . I got a new VDO Tachmeter, which I want to connect to my CJ5 jeep with a mitsubishi 4DR5 engine. It is driven from the AC side before the regulator and just counts the number of pulses from the stator. It would need a way to calibrate it to deal with the number of alternator poles and also the pulley Connect one leg of the resistor to the signal wire on the tachometer, and the other leg of the resistor to the power wire of the tachometer. Also suitable for signal from generator or inductive sender unit but not suitable for magneto ignition system. Identify the alternator terminals: Take a look at the alternator and locate its terminals. This 4 pin regulator is easy to use. By far the most common method employed in providing a tachometer signal is utilizing the alternator’s revolutions to generate a W terminal. Where T s is due to the underlying rotational speed, T v is due to any torsional vibration and T e is due to measurement errors. Alternator terminal identification chart. jpg. The last wire is the signal wire. 5ms pulse will position the motor at 90°. belt adj. This ratio will be stored in the DTA’s memory. 5vdc. For 24V application use globe 999-065-002 (2 required). My truck idles at 2200 RPMS and when I rev it up it goes up accordingly. Logged. The connected setup will look as below; These resistors are commonly available from your local Jaycar or Option 1 would be to convert the alternator so it has a 'W' terminal then run a tacho that can see that input - not sure what aftermarket tachos there are that will do this. 89, and 90 are Deceased. Boat Name:Now boatless. Rev. 5mm pitch: Input Protection: Can withstand an ignition pulse to ± I set the calibration value to 1. For 24V application use globe #240. If you examine the diagram that VicS found you will see that 2 GAUGE SET 85MM Car GPS Speedo 160MPH Odometer+Tacho RPM8000 Pulse Signal Black - $148. pdf (Large File) The board is negative earth and will convert positive earth tachometers to negative earth unless the optional positive earth kit is included. … The unit is adjustable to allow for the different numbers of poles on the alternator as well as different pulley sizes on the engine and alternator. The other terminal goes to the exciter terminal on the alternator (labeled D+ or L, depending on your alternator). L terminal – Closes the circuit to the warning lamp. We recommend starting with a 10K-1/2 watt resistor, though you may go as low as 5K- ½ watt. 9. Calibration should be done using a light tach or another known reference for engine speed. 88. I want to add this wire. Ie it is unrectified AC. Tighten nuts on the backclamp only slightly more than you can tighten with your fingers. tachogenerator. For European alternators, D+ is the positive battery terminal, while D is the negative one. 99. The casings are sourced from LR3, RR Sport or Freelander models with new screens fitted to all. Use wire strippers to strip approximately 6mm insulation off each wire. This output is rectified and fed to DC meter. The wire seems to connect to a "black box" on the other side of the alternator. The B terminal is the output terminal, D+ is the regulator control signal terminal, and DF is the field wire terminal. If it is less … Alternator W terminal to rev counter terminal marked 2. Normal ignition triggered revcounters don't fit a W output, the W output is a variable voltage coming from directly from one of the windings in the alternator. I've tried several methods, including wiring in an alternator feed to a Dakota Digital box and using that. Tacho wiring to alternator. Make sure all wires are long enough to reach the necessary positive and negative terminals and any wires from the sensor. An expert will tell you that it creates an AC voltage whose frequency is proportional to the rotational speed of the engine. The tachometer can be bench-calibrated by using a frequency generator and the following formula: Full scale frequency is calculated as: (full scale RPM x ½ poles in the alternator x pulley ratio) Here is a list of terminal info on the SI Delco's I grabbed of the net: -SI series, Delco Internal Regulator. How do I find the "W" or "R" or "1" terminal to wire the Tachmeter. use the - (neg) coil wire on the new engine and just join it to the w signal wire from your vw engine loom. Global Moderator. 4. 14 x 0. alternator "w" terminal. 2 drill not fast enough. Hi all, was looking at fitting one of these rev counters to my Defender ( BLACK FACE REV COUNTER TACHO RPM GAUGE - DIESEL TDI TD | eBay ) from looking at forums and web pages i see that it is the "W" terminal on the alternator that the signal wire is fitted to but i was just looking for someone to confirm which one is which This is a long shot, I'm planning to fit an aftermarket tacho to my 2. I suspect the alternator you have does not have that output as the tach in an isuzu is probably run from the ECU. If this is the case, rev the motor up and frequency signal (ie: signal source is the W terminal the alternator or a camshaft driven signal generator), remove the cover on the back of the gauge and set the dipswitches according to the below chart: pulses (same as the number of teeth on the flywheel) and subtract 50 Ex: for a flywheel with 104 teeth/pulses: Alternators also have B+ and D+ terminals, which signify your battery’s positive and negative connections. The car is a 1993 Land Rover Discovery and the factory wiring has the Tacho connected to the W terminal of the alternator. Share. Operating hours 99,999. This entire process happens because of something called … Re: volvo penta tacho conversion. net The IDI, It might be beneficial to run a lead from your tach to the alternator w terminal. The W terminal on my other vehicle gives a ~7v ripple, it is a rectified half of the ~14v AC produced by the alternator coils. So far I have got: There is a connector: 90980-11349, one pin is the P terminal, according to some datasheet this is the stator. I then pulled the Isuzu alternator to pieces to solder in wire for the W point reassembled but no work Have I picked the wrong wire? Any help appreciated. 4 but it will be different for every vehicle. The lost alternator tacho would have likely connected to the alternator 'W' terminal (one of the phase outputs). 3-Wire Alternator Wiring Diagram. 0-6000rpm scale . All you need is a diesel engine that has any of the following: an alternator with an ‘R’ or ‘W’ terminal, a crank sensor signal, or a magnetic pulse sensor. Those that run from the coil take a 0 - 12v dc pulse whereas those designed to run from a W terminal take a +/- 12v sine wave signal. And counting the falling edge with Arduino. It will be a small terminal, not D+. It also seems like accuracy of 2% > 5% would be close enough. inductive pickup. bracket hole M8 H Diameter … Visit site. once you have changed the tacho. Ac. 09. Replied by Oilman on topic Modern tacho alternator driven. You’ll often see an internal switch for 4-, 6-, or 8-cylinders. Replace all of them that you can, 99 percent of flakiness will disappear. Black 5 Ground/Chassis or battery negative Green 6 Switched ignition positive 12volt supply (via 3A fuse) Operating hours 99,999. The negative Tacho input of the EMU-1 should be left unconnected. Dakota Digital SGI-100BT Universal Speedometer and Tachometer Interface https: Ignition coil, alternator ("W", "R" or "AC") terminal, hall effect, VR or inductive sender Threshold Automatically adjusts to signal level Input Connector Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3. Any customisation for drive ratio will be in the From Alternator to ECU, Charge data (alt load) Note Manufactures will have the same terminal identification with a very different function . T k = T s +T v + T e. Light duty Yellow. Terminal F. #9 · Jul 10, 2011. Is the W-terminal signal a square or sinusoidal signal? So it seems like a range of -600% to +200% would work for most situations. ECU Tacho Output W Terminal on Alternator Calibration Switches BROWN (4) Brown Light Blue +12v Feed from Igniton Switch Shift-Light Programming Button To set RPM level at which shift-light will illiminate keep pressed: 1. Buy MOTOR METER RACING 8000 RPM Universal Electronic Tachometer - 2-1/16" 52mm with White & Amber LED Backlit - Black Dial - Stainless Steel Bezel - for Gasoline Engine Alternator Car & Truck: Tachometers - Amazon. Terminal F di alternator terhubung dengan … Tach with display 85mm. + to + - to - and W to? Hi guys. 3. Posted June 16, 2018. Used for tachometers. #6 · Mar 10, 2014. #3 · Feb 6, 2015. 824 optional. You need an unrectified output on the alternator to connect the tach to. Overtightening may result in damage to the instrument and may void your warranty. For a regular alternator, B+ is the positive battery … Need to wire an 'alternator tachometer' to a Yanmar? No W terminal on the alternator? Check this out and DIY a W terminal that looks like factory! The W terminal on my other vehicle gives a ~7v ripple, it is a rectified half of the ~14v AC produced by the alternator coils. Verify the tach now reads 1000 RPM. for internal regulation. · Support RPM signal input from W-Terminal of Alternator or RPM Sensor · RPM Ratio (pulses per round) programmable 85mm(3 3/8") Diameter, DC8~80V, Programmable Tacho Ratio, Support Connect W-Terminal Directly. I want to get an electronic tacho to fit to it but have no idea what this W terminal is that is being referred to. I would guess 2 pulses per rev, being a 4 cylinder you would have 2 sparks per rev. This is essentialy a half wave rectified output from one of the field coils. 00 to 0. 99 $ 40. 01 Jetta TDI 100% stock daily. 0 Nm (66-88 lb in) and ground terminal nut to 5. 59. Shown below is a fragment of a typical tacho pulse stream 4DR5 mitsubishi alternator W terminal. But when I run the engine at idle ~ 750 RPM I am seeing close to max revs voltage ~ 10vdc, and not the voltage I would expect ~ 2. Unfortunately I don't have a scope so can't double check that for you. Autozone alternators have w terminals and cost about 60 bucks. FLYWHEEL TACH INTERFACE UNIT Switch #3 ON Convert a signal from a flywheel gear-tooth sensor to an ignition tachometer signal. 2004 Chevrolet MOTOR METER RACING Universal Diesel Tachometer for Alternator W Terminal 85mm 3-3/8" 4000 RPM White Dial in Dash 12/24 Volt. - Cut terminal off the relay lead, identified with a “W” on case and strip insulation about 1/2“. The newer 80mm tacho has: 1; 2 - no connector; + ; - I tried connecting it with the alternator feed to terminal 1 but nothing happens. on many modern day alternators there are roughly three wire connections , check along with your electrician. The trick is getting the calibration correct becuase of the pully size, poles on alternator etc etc. Mount the tachometer so water will not collect on the face, or drip on the case and wires. Joined 18 Aug 2002 Hello! I have a Denso 19630-64013 alternator. Typical RPMs will be in the 10s of hundreds, so the method for counting the revolutions must be quick and accurate. Any customisation for drive ratio will be in the Step 2: Identify the Bosch Alternator Terminals. Six inch-pounds of torque is sufficient. Sometimes it is a tapping off the coil to deliver only 8 volts I beleive. >. if you havent blown your rev couter up, i have a petrol one i can swap with you. [rpm,t,tp] = tachorpm(x,fs) also returns the time vector, t, and the detected pulse At the moment the boat is 100 miles away from where i live so going to have a look at the alternator isn`t that easy. Install a terminal on the red wire and use a crimping tool to secure. W is the feed to the alternator, B+ is, I "think", the voltage sensing feed. Can read off flywheel sensor (available separately), timing gear sensor or alternator W-terminal (stator tap). So is this an issue with the W terminal? I have so many alternators here I cannot be sure if it was a … 27 Oct 2020. This entire process happens because of something called … This isn’t the most ideal way to get tach for a couple of reasons, as 1. frequency signal (ie: signal source is the W terminal the alternator or a camshaft driven signal generator), remove the cover on the back of the gauge and set the dipswitches according to the below chart: pulses (same as the number of teeth on the flywheel) and subtract 50 Ex: for a flywheel with 104 teeth/pulses: Operating hours to 99,999. 1 out of 5 stars. No need to buy a VP tach, there are loads of replacement tachs available, either inductive pickup driven or alternator driven. Drill a 3-3/8 in. Stator Pulse. Depending on your mounting situations it might be. Use the white/black wire instead of (above). W connects to the W terminal on the alternator that provides half wave rectified pulses from one of the generating phases. Suite 201. 5) Check the reading of the Tdi rev-counter. 8 td (not tddi or tdci) set of clocks, with built in tacho, in a transit mk5 2. Or … If specifications are unknown, then it is often possible to connect the tachometer to the W-terminal on the alternator and adjust the PPR until the known idling RPM is displayed … Even if you can't find one with a W terminal, you usually can modify the alternator (internally) to get that terminal. I ask because a workshop had my alternator reconditioned last week, but the one that came back from the reconditioner doesn't seem to have the fitting for the tacho to pickup the pulse. Heavy duty Black. I've got me diesel tacho with adjustable input (so I can calibrate it later) what I need to do is go fish out the 'w' terminal on the alternator. 5 Ground/Chassis or battery negative Green … Location:Reading. 5ms cause the servo to turn clockwise … Aquí nos gustaría mostrarte una descripción, pero el sitio web que estás mirando no lo permite. It is a mk2 mondeo 1. The anonymous tacho has "+", "-" and "W" connections. image. Many Thanks, One terminal goes to a source of switched power. Any tacho that takes its siganl from the 'W' terminal should work but you'll need one that takes account of the alternator drive ratio (pulley sizes). In modern vehicles, Wiring Caerbont (Aka Smith's) Gauge? - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: So I have a Caerbont automotive (Smiths) 80mm tach that I have to wire up in my car. Information collaborated from various sources including product catalogues and test equipment manufacturers. The tacho has to be specificaly designed to Gas Tacho / Revcounter Conversion to Diesel W terminal - page 9 - FAQ/Tech Tips/Please Read First - VWDiesel. Check out our Gauge Instructions and Tachometer FAQ. W. 4V AC wave instead of the rectified 7. Looking around I think you can get a VDO guage that takes a feed off the "W" terminal on the alternator. Reconnecting the Battery. The If there is any torsional vibration then the effects of this will also be included. Hi guys, not been here for a while due to other things Is there a way to take a feed from an alternator's W terminal (tacho pulse output for diesel engines) to a … 1195 Old Hickory Blvd. 92, 93 Cabriolet. Not for use with ABS sensors or systems. It is typically colored white or yellow Aug 3, 2017. #1 · Aug 20, 2018. Telematics Sensors. I'm using an A2 TD cluster for my mTDI Caddy swap, and was hoping to use Megasquirt to drive my tach. For calibration the PPR or the number of poles and the pulley ratio will need to be entered in the configuration tool. 5-10. 1: Ign/Lamp. If this is the case, rev the motor up and I have the AMR5724 [has Zero to 5000rpm on the face] running off my Alternator's W terminal for my 200Tdi, it looks just right with the Td5 speedo/fuel/temp gauges. It can either be connected internally to Bat for machine sensing or externally to the battery for external sensing, but it should not be connected to both at the same time, as it is shown on the diagram that I found. 5 Nm (44-75 lb If the Bosch K1 alternator did not have or use a relay “W” terminal, go to step two. The function of a tachometer is to display the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the engine. Only output wire on B+ and LIN bus control on A1. This is missing on my alt. Messages. - General - VWDiesel. 29. Thread starter clyst; Start date 14 Apr 2021; 14 Apr 2021 #1 clyst Well-known member. Speedometer GPS speedometer Tachometer Hour Meter Sensors. 5 volts. Croytec's instructions say that a 'W' terminal can be created by removing the alternator and soldering in a w Jump to content. For matching speed sensors/senders see pages 13-14 Re: rpm meter for xd3p. A flashing LED confirms the signal is being received from the probe mounted on the alternator. Hi all , I'm trying to establish which terminal the tacho connect to on an alternator . By the way the Jeep runs on Diesel, 24 V. The alternator on the 3. 053 (x2 required) VDO Cockpit International Tachourmeter The programmable tachourmeter w/LCD can be used with most engine Any tacho that takes its siganl from the 'W' terminal should work but you'll need one that takes account of the alternator drive ratio (pulley sizes). In gear, tied to the dock, the handheld tach is showing 2800 rpms as well. Bat + via a small bulb to DF for excitation current. Ensure a secure connection using an appropriate-sized ring terminal and a wrench. terminal. A European alternator has a D+ signal. 118031 Follow ALL safety precautions when working on vehicle-wear Rev 1: 12/15/04 safety glasses! ALWAYS disconnect (-) negative battery cable before making Installation Instructions electrical connections. Need to wire an 'alternator tachometer' to a Yanmar? No W terminal on the alternator? Check this out and DIY a W terminal that looks like factory! Red/blue 3 Tacho output from ECU or contact breaker or alternator ‘W’ terminal White/black 4 If your tacho fails to operate smoothly, the signal may be of a high sensitivity. 00258 seconds. The two labelled terminals are 'B+' and 'W'. Currently I have this tacho signal connected to IAC2 and I have confirmed that I am getting a frequency signal to the gauge. wire, connect the (POS) terminal … With the red / black wire disconnected the tacho sits at zero. 2. Note: 8 pin plug kit part no. If connecting to the alternator, simply connect the black wire from the tachometer to the W terminal on the alternator. 5 mm pitch; Input protection: Can withstand an ignition pulse to ±500V; Engine Log. Looks cool and works great. To be more specific, it is the output signal to the tachometer. Thanks for any info. Reply #5 November 29, 2012, 05:16:45 pm. 1 out of 5 stars 88 ratings Some say that the unit also works with tacho drives. The programmable tachourmeter w/LCD can be used with most engine electronic control ignitions with tachometer output terminal, standard coil ignition, alternator signal, and 12V square wave applications. 340. I've been battling to get a tacho working in my diesel work car, the tacho in question being a factory item inside a petrol gauge cluster from a similar model. The 'W' terminal is not a Land Rover feature it 'belongs' to the alternator manufacturer who sells his alternator into a multitude of applications. Which one is the tachometer connection? I've surfed the net but no joy as alternator is circa 1982. Wiring diagram shows no connection to W or A2. Tachometers all look pretty much the same, but there is some variation between the methods that tachometers get their signal information. Terminal pada gambar di atas adalah terminal E, F, N (atau ada juga yang menuliskan terminal N dengan menggunakan notasi P) dan B alternator. Make sure your tach is set up for your engine’s cylinder count. Typical RPMs will be in the 10s of hundreds, so the method for counting the revolutions must be Since your post, I bought an aftermarket tach from Pep Boys and hooked it up to the Stator/S terminal on a 3G alternator. (86mm) hole in the dashboard. 28 Aug 2021 #4 clyst Well-known member ELING Diesel Engine TACH RPM Signal Adapter with Pulse Output for All Types of Tachometer and RPM Gauge for Vehicle Truck Generator. This is typically shown as a “Hz” value on your multimeters turn dial. Logged Reply #96 November 16, 2010, 07:31:08 am We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 4d which has none. it turns it into an external sensed regulator, for. In other words, as the engine speed increases, so does the frequency of the AC voltage. Check to ensure a good chassis ground, preferably at the battery negative. Is there any a Does anyone know if the connecting the JX's W wire to the alternator's DF terminal will accomplish the tach signal objective? I don't want to void the warranty on the new alternator by making the above mods. Check Fig. If you do not have a tachometer pulse signal, use rpmtrack to extract rpm from a vibration signal. There are also a further two unconnected terminals (one an M6 the other an M4). Start the vehicle and wait for it to idle down to normal idle speed. Intruments&Sensors. On most 2st engines the tacho is driven from the alternator. 9 Pulse range 0. This paper focuses an insight into the pulse width modulated (PWM) control technique Red/blue 3 Tacho output from ECU or contact breaker or alternator ‘W’ terminal White/black 4 If your tacho fails to operate of a high sensitivity. Hall Effect and Electronic Pulse Senders Details. 1909 posts · Joined 2014. … What Are The 4 Terminals On An Alternator? An alternator has four terminals: R, S, S (Ford), and T. Confirmation of the following points would be appreciated: - I have the positive which will go from terminal B+ to my new Sterling split charger. a lot of the digital tachometer gauges in the market expect to see a stable 5v pulse signal that some vehicles just don’t have to tap into. IS0012u ECR7100 9/2007. Looking for confirmation of the W connector on the alternator. The alternator signal wire is not present on the clocks multiplug so i have added the pin to the plug, and run a wire direct to the alternator. You can change the pulley size on the alternator and do the same thing but this has other impacts on the electrical performance of the alternator. the signal from the alternator probe to an equivalent 1000 RPM 4 pulse per rev output signal. I have to shoot the wires for continuity next Red/blue 3 Tacho output from ECU or contact breaker or alternator ‘W’ terminal White/black 4 If your tacho fails to operate smoothly, the signal may be of a high sensitivity. Td5 connects to the ECU so could be a different type of terminals on the rear. Select the desired mounting location of the instrument. 52mm VDO Cockpit Vision Tachometer (Rev Counter) Suitable for Petrol or Diesel (Petrol to take the feed from the Green wire on the ignition coil, Diesel from the Alternator W Terminal) The VDO Cockpit Vision range are back lit and we’ve chosen these as they’re the closest look to the original T3 Dashboard. Brentwood, TN 37027. has MD11 replacement tachs …. Cara Mengidentifikasi Terminal pada Alternator. The Ford terminal is used to connect the alternator to the battery. This is followed up by ensuring that you put your multimeter on frequency mode. I have a Bosch 55A alternator which has the existing connections made via a three pin block. TI A . Wiring Caerbont (Aka Smith's) Gauge? - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: So I have a Caerbont automotive (Smiths) 80mm tach that I have to wire up in my car. 1173 posts · Joined 2014. Disconnect the battery during installation. ol'will. Badger. The handheld tachometer shows 3780rpm (neutral) when my Yanmar tachometer says a little over 2500 rpm, and 1025 rpm when the yanmar tachometer said 850. On start up the Passat B3 TDI tacho just pinned itself full way round at 6k even though the engine was ticking over. 5-200 pulses per rev. I have connected this terminal to the base of a bc548 transistor through a 10 kohm resistor. Set the meter to AC voltage. Lastly, connect the ground terminal to a suitable ground point on the vehicle’s chassis. So I actually am getting full rpms now in neutral. So, the two units must be calibrated to work together. #1. Use the ack wire instead of red/blue wire (above). If you're considering a Puma dash upgrade then this is a simple (that's not to say easy) install that requires no specialist wiring, no signal converters, no ECU and no ground speed sensors. Because you are reading an average voltage, you will not see that peak voltage. 17823 posts · Joined 2003. Terminal A pada alternator ini dapat dihubungkan dengan terminal B pada … Dec 26, 2011. This convert to frequencies of: 220 Hz … What are the pros and cons of using the alternator W terminal sensor style of tacho compared to using a injector pipe pulse style (Tiny Tach type). /2-stroke ignition and alternator pick-up (“W” terminal). Joined 16 May 2001 Messages 45,604 Location UK East Coast Visit site. So I'm looking forward to seeing what I get for max … 1. The spade terminal connects the wire to the alternator, while the ring terminal connects the wire to the battery. Fungsi dari terminal ini adalah menarik saklar di dalam voltage regulator sehingga mampu mematikan lampu indikator aki di panel instrumen dasbor mobil. New posts Search forums. Add to cart. Waveform. Light duty Brown. TachoTerminal PRO 2 is the modern device for driver card and digital tachograph download. Like. Refer to the diagram below if you’re working on three-wire connections. Works but out about 750 rpm. The R terminal when it exists is a connection to just one of the main … TN Pulse. Note. Too small and the … Can read off flywheel sensor (available separately), timing gear sensor or alternator W-terminal (stator tap). PulsesPerRevolution = NumberOfCylinders / 2. Fortney L. IMHO &AFAIK there is only one way to fit an RPM meter to a diesel engine -- an electronic meter taking pulse from alternator . Electrical information Volt 14 Ampere 65 Terminal W Physical information A Pulley distance 81. Does anyone know which fiels connector the W terminal would normally come off. But the DSL-1 didn't like this rectified half signal, it was only when I removed the diode to give it the 14v AC signal (+/-7v) that the DSL-1 accepted the signal and worked as expected. Black 5 Ground/Chassis or battery negative Green 6 Switched ignition positive 12volt supply (via 3A fuse) Set the meter to AC voltage. if no reactive torque. download installation instructions RVI-RVC. I have found tacho power, earth & instrument backlight tap-inable points on the centre plug on the back of the instrument cluster - there are 3 wires in a row next to each other: black (earth), white Alternator with terminal (-W-) for Volkswagen LT Mk2 and T4. Then what you will do is connect the multimeters’ “black lead” to ground (GND). With the key in the ON position power is supplied to the exciter terminal of the alternator thru the bulb, which will light up. MOTOR METER RACING Universal Diesel Tachometer for Alternator W Terminal 85mm 3-3/8" 4000 RPM Black Dial in Dash 12/24 Volt . 4) point the timing light at the Tdi pulley, and operate the throttle until the light is stationary. Once you have completed the wiring process, reconnect the negative terminal of the battery. 1975 Atkinson, 180HP 6LXB Gardner, RTO910, 34000lb Rockwell on camelback. The R terminal is the main terminal, and the S and T terminals are the secondary terminals. I suspect Europa have got the VDO number wrong as they also list the 0 to 8000rpm tacho as 333 015 010 K, I think … The W terminal on an alternator is the output signal to the tachometer. After market tachometers are often equipped with a selector switch on the back to choose 4-6-8 cylinder operation. 60 D Bracket hole 10. Our Diesel (Hertz) Tachometers will pick up any signal over 0. (well from the negative and positve connections to the tacho) The DSL-1 is essentially a frequency convertor that takes a signal at one frequency and either multiplies or divides that signal’s frequency by the right ratio to emulate a V-8 signal. On start up the Passat B3 TDI tacho just pinned itself full way round at 6k even though the engine was ticking newer 140A TDI alternator on an AAZ in a '86 Syncro. 9 KB · Views: 5,419 kes86 Active Member. Always Confirm with Manufactures Specifications. To charge a lead/acid battery, the voltage should be above 13. I have a 1975 Ford 4000 and the dynamo was swapped out for an alternator a good few years ago which was a great idea as the tractor will now start in any weather conditions first turn. Select a tachometer mounting location that is in full view of the operator. AC ecn 10592 6/2017. 1. Illumination 12V included. Mount the gauge and secure with the VDO Spin-Lok™. IS0012. Its on an elderly Perking 4018 if that helps . > chance for some additional developement. RPM on a diesel engine typically is measured at the alternator ("W" terminal), although if there is no alternator for some reason, VDO makes two alternative sensor types, an inductive one measuring at … To get the frequency you need to know the number of poles the alternator has. since that photo was done, I've swapped to the Td5 warning light panel. At 5000RPM you get 5000/60 = … 14 Feb 2010. However the needle isn't moving. Our treatments are well … G and W terminals of the tacho. This simply scales the input based upon the above formula. In any case, … 19 Oct 2021. FREE delivery Geloo 85MM Marine Tachometer Gauge 3000RPM Boat RPM Tachometer Outboard Waterproof Tacho Meter 0-3000 RPM for Diesel Engine … Alternator W connection. The following info might assist calibration of the tacho: I had to tap into the alternator windings to create a "W" terminal to drive the Dakota. Field or ignition terminal: Allows battery voltage from the ignition to flow to the alternator’s field coil during startup. From this point forward, the tach will accurately display the engine RPM. 85mm. Regular alternators have a B+ signal, while European alternators have a D+ signal. This varies in frequency depending on engine revs. This terminal outputs an alternating current, the frequency of which is … Welcome to the Acupuncture and Herbal practice of Mark A. FREE delivery Geloo 85MM Marine Tachometer Gauge 3000RPM Boat RPM Tachometer Outboard Waterproof Tacho Meter 0-3000 RPM for Diesel Engine Tachometer Car … Unknown member. The Library gives word descriptions of the circuit, and in 'Starting & Charging' there is no mention of a tachometer feed from the alternator. This signal indicates that the battery voltage is at least 12. I am planning to fit a VDO tachometer - haven't actually bought one yet - and was looking for the W terminal on my alternator (200tdi). 6. Prepare insulated ¼" spade terminals for use with the tachometer. Red/blue 3 Tacho output from ECU or contact breaker or alternator ‘W’ terminal White/black 4 If your tacho fails to operate smoothly, the signal may be of a high sensitivity. The tacho will have 4 wires. $377. We are using the instruments from a V8 discovery and have the tacho wire from the instruments on the W terminal of the alternator, but the rev counter is reading double what it should. So now, to compute the rpm of this alternator, we first have to convert the . Installation. Which model of alternator? 28 Aug 2021 #3 pvb Well-known member. Wanted to double check since was not expecting to see any other wire connected to this. The AFN is a 97 and is a 120 amp! It's got the same wiring config as my 1Z one, which is a two pin plug on the side, with red/black and a blue. Terry. And uses alternator W output for rpm signal. see ebay , item number shown above . 0T quattro Prestige, 259k miles. 9L TDI 'AFN' Syncro Doka. If its around 7v it's most likely a W, connected to one phase of the alternator, and intended to pulse the tacho. To avoid cutting or unsheathing the wire, use a rubber grommet … The more pulses per second, the higher the tach goes. 9v and when you allow for the lower duty cycle, the 7v you You can sort the tacho by either fitting and alternator with a w terminal (90’s transit, some landrovers) or Google alternator w terminal, if you search around you will find how to take a “feed” from a non w terminal alternator to create a “w” terminal, once you have this you need to connect this feed to tacho, it will probably be out, you will most … Visit site. Atlanta. 5mm pitch Input Protection Can withstand an ignition pulse to ±500V Engine Log Engine Hours 2 separate engine hour logs internally connected to the tacho Re: Tach replacement options for MD11D. The JRP universal tach rpm adapter is a device that allows you to pull a tacho signal from many different sources and convert to a 5v or 12v square wave signal. I considered using the alternator’s connector 2. Flood lit Illumination. Need to change my alternator soon (probably broken … Alternator 'W' terminal 12 volt accessory power GROUND 4 cylinder tach output 1. +, -, and W. I disconnected the yellow cable as it was a spade fit and on starting the engine found the battery non charging alarm operating so assumed that the brown cable was the 'W' terminal feeding the rev counters. The D+ is the Charge … 6 x 2. easy fitment, easy to synchronise and adjust with screwdriver via one single trimmer pot in back of unit . Bit Synchronized Signal. Neither has it a "W". 23 pulse per rev, for reference the standard number of pulses per rev for the original alternator is 10. It seems naïvely that any ripple on an output connected directly to the battery would be swamped by the DC component. Verify that the (POS) terminal has a 12VDC 1998 Excel Tacho Pulses? Gidday, this is my first, so go easy on me! I'm trying to get an aftermarket tacho to work in my EFI distributorless 1. Not included in kit. 6 volts from any tach signal source, no matter the waveform pattern. If you’ve ever wanted to know how hard … See more VicS is correct, GM's don't use a "W" terminal for the tacho. #4. It has 6 wires: Brown/slate: Pull up for ECU output Red/white: gauge lighting Red/blue: tacho out from ECU or contact breaker or alternator W terminal White/black: same but … Alternator. Switch on ignition (power supply). Tennessee Plans for Learning Success and Excellence, or TN PULSE, provides a free, standardized, web-based platform for school districts, public charter schools, and … It's not right. 2009 A4 Avant 2. The 'Charging' diagram shows a Tachometer, fed via a WS wire from the EGR … May be a. TachoTerminal PRO 2 permits to download driver card data in any place via the in-built reader smart card and its own power supply. Tighten output terminal nut to 7. Bluetooth technology syncs unit to available mobile app for programming and setup. Same thing they use in most older type diesel engines. 6FSI has the W terminal so probably I will buy the Universal Diesel Alternator Tachometer Interface From Dakota Digital to make the rev counter work. #2 · Jun 29, 2015. net The IDI, TDI, and mTDI source. VDO replacement tachs are available on the internet for $100 and up as well as Stewart Warner, Faria, and others. rpm = tachorpm(x,fs) extracts a rotational speed signal, rpm, from a tachometer pulse signal vector, x, that has been sampled at a rate of fs Hz. 2044 = 13. My idea would be to average the signal for about 4 pulses (2 crank revolutions for 4 cylinder engines to calculate the signal. Description. What are the 4 terminals on an alternator? IG terminal – Ignition switch that turns the voltage regulator on. The W terminal is used for the alternator warning light or gauge. I used the wiring colours suggested by garrycol for the tacho and tried it on our crane which has a W terminal on its alternator . FOR SALE! For 85MM GPS Speedometer Application : motorcycle car truck boat yacht Operating 144659813233 My 130A alternator has all three phases brought out but the 40A starter battery alternator has not. For technical assistance, contact Faria® Marine Instruments Customer Service between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Eastern time weekdays at (860) 848-9271 or (800) 473-2742. But this new tacho meter uses alternator W for signal. 120A Manufacturer: BOSCH by billy739 » 01 May 2008, 07:57. It is used to send a signal from the alternator to the vehicle’s … #1. hence for OP yes tacho readout is dependent on pulley sizes and so alternator speed. Typical hour meters integrated in rev counters have 3 wires. 2V half wave on the W terminal. Forums. Ada juga alternator dengan terminal E, F, N, A, dan B. i have one on my 300tdi fed from alternator W terminal . FYI, back in the analog days of automotive electronics, the tach didn't really 'count' pulses. So, in a typical 4-cylinder VW gasoline engine, you'll have 2 ignition pulses per revolution. then the W terminal only puts out 6 pulses not 12 so the formula is Crankshaft puller / alternator pulley * number of poles / 2 = number of pulses. Route the three wires (typically red, black, and green) from the rear of the unit under the dashboard. Tachometer Installation Tips. Got the battery light to go out, but rev counter not responding. For instance, a 1. wire, connect the (NEG) terminal to a clean (rust/paint-free) ground, preferably battery negative terminal. Its the "W" connection. From treating short term injuries of muscles and tendons to chronic condition such as headaches, … My tachogenerator is driven direct off the back of my injector pump. Visit the MOTOR METER RACING Store. Leaving aside the initial … The W terminal, also known as the Winding or Tachometer terminal, is typically found on newer alternator models. The expert staff at REN Dermatology offer medical and cosmetic skin care treatment to the Nashville community … Using 18-ga. K. B+ to batt +. Defender 300Tdi 1997. 00 B Width holder arm 50. It takes the form of an AC (unrectified) signal, from memory around about 8 volts. I think that your only solution is to open the alternator and solder a wire to one of the 3 stator coil connections where it joins the diode pack. Some alternators (primarily for diesel engine applications) have a tachometer output. Connect the negative Meter lead to a good chassis ground in the vehicle and the positive lead to the suspected tachometer wire. I have just bought the tacho meter, the old one was broken and used coil - for signal. VDO website simply says terminal 1 is not assigned but this tacho does not have a terminal 2 (or W). Seems like it was fitted incorrectly in that it was fitted without a W terminal so no rev counter. MOTOR METER RACING Universal Diesel Tachometer for Alternator W Terminal 85mm 3-3/8" 4000 RPM White Dial in Dash 12/24 Volt. 5. Rev counter is showing erratic readings, going from 0 to full and back and sometimes staying at the correct revs. Leaving aside the initial calibration and the analogue versus digital display, which is more reliable? I have never used either, only ever had magnetic pickup or cable driven tachos in the past. D. Fixed the charging problem, but now the tachometer (operated off one of the corners of the stator via the MC-614 terminals #13 My Ample Power Smart Alternator Regulator also stops the tacho when the batteries are Some engines have tach pulse generators, others can be retrofitted with teeth counter sensor like all Yanmars have. 81 Rabbit:TDI-M ported head, Frank06 cam, PD intake, hybrid T3 turbo, Renault intercooler, Syl20 11mm pump, light weight fw, and yellow California Clutch clutch kit. Next wiring diagrams. 17 posts · Joined 2018. use with the older blocking-diode type of split charge systems. 07-09-2021 09:36 AM #3. Connect this terminal to the warning light or gauge for proper monitoring of the alternator’s performance. Other connections to the tacho are the positive and negative power supply and to the illumination bulb. I found a circuit to build to take the Megasquirt "ECU" type tach output and condition it to drive a gasser tach (that normally gets driven off the ignition coil), but that won't work for the TD cluster since it gets it's signal from the … Mount the tachometer in the desired location, ensuring it is easy to read. 1) A thicker wire of all , current output. Electronic voltage regulators have been used on many cars since the mid 1970s. Built-in programming buttons and LED display for setup in lieu of app. 10 Sep 2022. You can see the following table to check their definitions and … I have connected the red / black tach signal wire from the W terminal which is on the two pin connector to the alternator shared with the blue alt warning light / exciter wire. 99. If you're taking pulses from an alternator it depends on how many pulses/revolution from the alternator and the pulley sizes from the crank pulley to the alternator pulley! 1, 2, 3 or 4 cyl. Remember to securely crimp and insulate all wire connections using the wire crimper and electrical tape to prevent any electrical shorts or loose connections. 58 milli-seconds or 0. Connect the B+ terminal: This requirement arises from my automotive engine swops where the W-pin (or P pin) of an alternator has to be matched to the rev counter / tachometer on the dash where the tacho expects this 0-8V AC signal and not the pulses that typically come from the coil- terminal. It sends a signal to the tachometer, which measures the engine’s speed in revolutions per minute (RPM). From what I can tell (see pic) there is an empty terminal in the top of the pic and a cable with am empty socket dangling in the lower right hand side of the picture. 9 on page 6D-14 of the FSM for detailed wiring. The alternator must have a terminal for the tachometer. 25 which is broken into 512 steps. Derk vn. In recent years, there had been a stable development of the switched reluctance machine (SRM) functioning in motoring mode; though, its operation as a generator remains under study. Testing the Alternator. 1 wiring wrong. Incorporated hourmeter shows true engine hours. Connect the Ground Terminal. A 2 pole machine outputs 1 cycle per revolution, a 4 pole machine 2 cycles per revolution. Step 1: Setting up the Multimeter. For example, if it is a 4000RPM Tacho, speed ratio = 3*(4000/6000)=2; Based on the calculated results, enter the settings mode and adjust it to the corresponding speed ratio. 5v higher than battery voltage (hopefully around 14. cjmillsnun. It has 6 wires: Brown/slate: Pull up for ECU output Red/white: gauge lighting Red/blue: tacho out from ECU or contact breaker or alternator W terminal White/black: same but … 5. My Photo Gallery: 0. GM calls for 20mm difference, which is around 1 inch. The optional hour meter, which actaully is part of the tacho when fitted, is fed in the way I have described, from the switched +ve that supplies every thing in the panel. ti rf ts cw xc fu uf jd ok qn

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