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The alpha chose me jake and leah pdf summary chapter. After what happened at Jake’s for once I no longer had that dreaded feeling in my stomach. "So why not just tell me that?". I wasn’t feeling hungry, wasn’t really in the mood for anything. "It's okay Leah you can do this". I was nervous but I wasn't. The weight of him against me and the heat that was radiating from him was like a comfort blanket. "Stop calling me that in fact just don't talk to me". “Hey baby”. It was his eyes I trusted, the black color fading. My heart fluttered, my body humming by just the simple touch. Strangely I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would. I felt embarrassed, stupid even. At this point in time, Leah was not … Part 1: Main Storyline of The Alpha Chose Me. No calls. Not before almost giving me a heart attack by bursting through my back door, "She's gone". “On for what?”. I was leaning against Alanna’s car waiting on her coming out. I didn't know what she wanted me to say. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 58 . “It’s VIP time”. Score 9. Best he take it out on them than you. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 52 . "I'm going for a shower. "I plan to princess". When I woke the next morning Jake wasn't beside me. “Not when I didn’t know what anything was”. Very well mannered and he's not to bad on the eye". Dancing like no one was watching. He was out cold and I didn’t have the heart to wake him. Chapter 47. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 54. Alanna was helping me to my feet but I pushed her away. Chapter 9. The way he made me feel when I was around him was magical. Well as regular as you could get. Even … Description. I hadn’t heard from my gran since she left, my stomach was in knots because of how bad the weather was. His pack scattered everywhere. “I’m not even asking, you’re staying at mine”. "The girl next to you is Jessica. I know … Leah Wilson is thrust into a world she didn't know existed. The fresh air in my face, the quietness, time to clear my head. The Alpha Chose Me Novel. At Chapter 90, author MissyElliottxo, although he has the formula of a talented writer, has blown his soul into a lively male and female protagonist. “Lacey”. I felt uncomfortable at the way they were staring at me. His grip … working the pack to the bone'. No one interrupted us, no one dropped … Summary of The Alpha Chose Me "The Alpha Chose Me," a Werewolf novel by MissyElliottxo, contemplates Leah's upheaval after moving away from Florida with her … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 105 I did it. He was still here…. A 19-year-old girl, Clara ,finds herself ensnared in a web of manipulation as she is tricked into marriage. But what he did tonight trumped how my body and instincts reacted to him. Out here looking like a fucking snack". "He does". . The man I had never met, the man I never knew, "Why?'. "Okay". The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 20. This was big, he could turn into a wolf. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 45 . A growl tore from his mouth as he let me go. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 26. His grip around my waist tightened as he pulled me closer. "4 every 4 hours. Never once waking up through the night. My heart was racing but a run was exactly what I needed. I didn’t have anything to do after Jake left so I go stuck right in. She shrugged. My hand was healing perfectly. Read The Alpha Chose Me Online Free I didn t want to stop, for the first time in my life I was afraid of humans I didn t have my pack to back me and suddenly I felt the loneliness creep its way into my heart, but if this was the price to pay for freedom- even if it is just temporarily- i was still willing to pay. Jake had sent me a few more messages but I had yet to read them. She … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 94 Jacob dropped us off and to say I felt a little awkward was an understatement. “He’s a good one Leah and you would be good for him”. Days turned into weeks. It was 3am. She still seemed to be in a mood. I didn't want to wear anything to revealing. It freaked me out that he was able to do that. Charlotte smiled as we got in the car. “I’m just going to shower quickly help yourself to anything”. I regretted it as soon as I said it. As he gained speed I glanced at him. I wanted to get to know him more but I didn’t want to put myself right out there. I slept fine last night, was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow. He put the milk back the fridge before walking towards me. "I'm sure you could charm your way into making her like you again". Barking orders, firing demands, demanding respect. I wanted to go to the beach but I wasn't big on the idea of leaving my gran on her own in a new place. Was I to blind to see that's how our relationship was? I spent … Part 1: Plot Summary of The Alpha Chose Me. ‘What for princess?’. I wanted to leave early so I could stop for some breakfast before my exam. Thinking about it now it wasn't actually that hard. You should have seen her face when she saw I had hurt my other hand. Leah isn't ready". He sighed. Standing outside the club I stared at the … ‘The Alpha Chose Me Leah And Jake’ falls under the genre of paranormal romance. A laugh fell from my lips. “You could have ordered something else”. I wanted to scream at him. Hitting the wooden floor with a thud I held my hand up signalling that I was okay. She said. I had sent him a message. 'Just up and h'ghtailed it out of here". Chapter twenty two . "l know what your th'nk'ng baby but I promise 't' be better than last time'. Feeling the wetness of his tongue against my cheek I bit my bottom lip. Some in human form, most in wolf form. When we first meet Leah Wilson, she is a native Floridian who is grappling with the agonising decision of whether or not to move … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 100 I was hot, sweating actually. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 90 has been updated and read online for free on en. There was no point in hiding it. Moving from her home in Florida and establishing a new life The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 68 Chapter 68 "You acknowledged the bond, you accepted his wolf and until he marks you it's not going to go away, if … The story follows Leah as she struggles to come to terms with her new life as a werewolf, and as she chooses between her old life and her new one, and between her boyfriend … Part 1: The Main Characters Of The Alpha Chose Me; Part 2: Alluring Storyline Of The Alpha Chose Me; Part 3: Popular Chapters Of The Alpha Chose Me; Part 4: … Jake would soon take his place, he would take the role of Alpha. The story revolves around Leah, a young woman who is struggling to find her place in the world when she meets Jake, the powerful alpha of a werewolf pack. Bending over I rested my hands on my knees. No texts. Peeling my eyes open I jumped when I realised I was no longer in my bedroom. "l always thought I wasn't good enough for you and-. Feeling his lips against mine my eyes closed. The Alpha Chose Me - Chapter 11. "He did". I couldn't tell her how I was feeling because I didn't want to upset her. "Yes mother". Everything will heighten, the way you feel right now is just a little of what's to come". Chapter 90. “If that boy doesn’t try and get into your panties tonight there’s something wrong with him. Wish I had never started this story. Taking a hold of my hand she pulled me to my feet. Leah Wilson might only be a female human. As he started the engine I put on my seatbelt. "I-I can't do it". The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 40. As he got out I fol owed suit watching I grinned before p ac'ng a kiss on his lips, His gr p tightened. It was cold and dark. I was going to get my ass chewed for no reason. I had managed to manoeuvre myself off the bed and was currently sitting out back with a coffee. I had showered and got ready for school and was currently finishing off my coffee. My mind wouldn’t shut off. His height frightening as he loomed over me. “You always overthinking what you’re wearing. I felt a little embarrassed. Rolling my eyes I dodged out of the way of her hand. Oh god. My voice was barely a whisper. 6. The street was quiet tonight, peaceful. I yawned. Couldn't stomach them. His hands all over me, his lips against my neck. You waiting on Alanna?”. Lana was passed out by the time I got home. He wouldn't hurt me. Sep 10, 2022 8:33 AM. It was totally different with Jake. This missing content is only available on Novel5s. We didn't mate, our bond wasn't complete. "You always overthinking what you're wearing. I didn’t need to go back until it was time for my cast to come off. ‘The Alpha Chose Me Leah And Jake’ falls under the genre of paranormal romance. “Relax babe you’re all tense, you need to chill out”. Leah is human but instantly feels a connection to Jake! She doesn’t understand why but she knows something doesn’t add up. Login. She deserves better. I grinned. chapter-13 Chapter 13 The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) lastest chapters. My hand was throbbing and I felt sick. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 67 . 5. Yet, she can be sure, “The Alpha Chose Me,” because she instantly feels a strange connection with her Alpha werewolf mate. She was having fun, who was I to stop her. Jake hadn’t said two words to me since we sat down for dinner but the feeling was mutual. Slipping my hand into his he pulled me to him, his arms wrapping securely around my waist. It was early and I was exhausted but once I was awake that was me for the rest of the day. Werewolf or not, there was only so much I could take. Okay so I didn't exactly go straight to his moms. "You're seriously testing my fucking patience Leah. Chapter 43. 0. Parallel to that personality trait is the mood of a person who loves life, loves life, wants to escape from a dark and tragic life situation. "He was giving me the all clear from his patrol which I'll then pass onto Rocco for the night patrol. The Alpha Chose Me follows Leah, a young woman in her final year of high school. “We still on for tonight?”. Νοτ γετ αɳγwαγ. “Pete, Ricky get The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 38 . Chapter 74 "I'm leaving her to it". Chapter twenty one. I had been up for ages. The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 95 A laugh fell from my lips as his grip around my waist tightened. This was one of those situations. I wasn't even sure he was in the house. I had decided to wear my all in one black jumpsuit. 1 month since that horrible night. whispered. I had spent most of my time last night with Jake. "Babe?". He wasn't wrong. There was no way I was walking the short distance to his house. Why was he talking about gran? Something wasn't adding up. Walking into the living room Lana wolf whistled at me. "I remember". You'll see what I mean when you're mated". Both were nice, regular people. Previous chapter. "Jake left in a hurry". “I love that blazer, I … The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 63. Chapter 107 I had never slept so good. It was just coffee. “Good to go?”. He took my hand 'n Il's. “We don’t bite sweetheart”. I cou d fee her trying to scrape her way to the surface. Throw two witty bestfriends and a hot Alpha male into the mix and watch how it all unfolds. I had yet to wash his hoodie. The storm had well and truly passed. My head was fuzzy and my body ached. “Well that didn’t go as planned”. Pete smirked. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 53. I met Jack and Petes parents. to make 't baby Me and you remember'. My heart felt heavy. Previous Chapter. Lana whistled. Feels like I wasted my November 2, 2023. She asked again. As the song finished Rack City by Tyga came on and I let the beat take over. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 22. Author: MissyElliottxo. Lana laughed. After this morning I wasn't sure where we stood. Turns out what they said was true. “Sorry just one please”. oh shit! Pushing him off I almost fell out the bed. Checking my phone I jumped when it … chapter-17 Chapter 17 The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) lastest chapters. Chapter 3. "Don't do that". A sigh fell from my lips but I didnt say anything. Even from the car I felt a little intimidated. I … Chapter 97. I asked as she tried linking her arm through mine, I Chapter 13. I’m not into love bites well not on my neck The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 30 . Holding my phone in my hand I started to walk down the street. "l wasn't so sure". "Calm down Jake he was only asking". Tossed and turned all night, seeing every hour on the clock. My gran had never stopped me from doing anything but I always did ask for her permission. “Yeah”. Alanna smirked. “You’re quiet”. He is the quintessential Alpha werewolf! A laugh fell from her lips. "I'm still your mom Jake so your Alpha male doesn't work on me". She smirked. I lifted the towel holding it against my chest. “I’m not walking over there”. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 21 . I couldn’t sleep. Pouring some coffee into my cup I took seat at the kitchen island. I had showered changed into fresh pjs but still I couldn’t settle. ‘What for princess?’ ‘Coffee??’ I could hear my gran coming up the stairs. “Where’s Pete?”. Jacob said. I felt a little awkward and I had no idea why. “Stop calling me that”. “Hi”. "As long as you're in by 2 and you're not … Chapter 7. I sighed. I hadn't heard from Jake since last night, could say I was expecting it. Chapter 20. I don’t want to tell you to much Leah because I’m sure Jake will want to share it with you”. I didn’t know what to say back, do I even reply? I wasn’t going to shut him out, he didn’t deserve that. You’re stunning”. Rolling my eyes I finished my sandwich a drank the last of my coffee. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 25 “You lost pup?”. It was lashing it down, the rain battering off my windows. My gran wasn’t strict, she wasn’t controlling she was actually a cool gran but when it came down to it she was hard faced when she needed to be. I still found it strange. I had left Jake’s and was currently sitting in my room. Opening the door I dumped my bag on the back seat. “Leah”. Whether I passed it or not was a different story but I was just glad to be done. I was sat with a big goofy grin on my face holding a burger. I didn't think-do you hate me?". "All that is normal trust me but it's never to soon when you're meant to be together". Recommend More. Like a moth to a flame as they say. But today, right now I felt really anxious. “I hated that pasta”. I asked. I had school in less than 6 hours and I couldn’t see it far enough. Ever since we got back from the hospital, he hasn't left my side. I started laughing. This is more of us but they're not here yet. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 31 . Wasn’t nerves but more of a gut feeling and I usually only got that when something bad was coming. “Goodnight I’ll see you in the morning”. How could she just spring this on me without any warning. I didn’t understand, I wasn’t really sure I The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 65 . What ever shit happened in there was none of my business. He had prescribed me with painkillers and Jake was kind enough to pick them up for me. Next Chapter . Getting out of the car I made sure I had my phone and keys. “Pete, Ricky get Chapter 6. Chapter 66. A dark chuckle fell from his lips yet the butterflies erupted in my stomach. That was always a tell that I was up to something and my gran was great at finding out. It was normal but I liked normal. Holding out his hand for me to take I hesitated. Chapter 2. Rolling my eyes I put some space between Jake and I. The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 68 Chapter 68 "You acknowledged the bond, you accepted his wolf and until he marks you it's not going to go away, if anything it'll only intensify. This was his fault, he had caused this and for what? "Leah, hey what the hell has happened?". He frowned. He was just about to pull into his drive. I wasn't dying, our baby was safe The last thing needed was overbearing comfort. "Don't roll your eyes at me Leah. Charlotte was the sweetest just like always. It was something I had never felt before with anyone not even Tommy. She surely couldn’t be annoyed because I wasn’t dating Jake. “Yeah?”. I wasn't getting in the middle of that. Making a face I rolled my eyes. He whispered burying his head in my neck. “Why do I need to leave early?”. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 47. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 61. "Really Leah, that's how you're spending the rest of your Sunday?". I shrugged. If you already have an account, Log in. Pissed off was an understatement. Where can I get the link yo read the alpha chose me leah and jake from chapter 336 till the end for free thanks Reply reply Timetoread2024 • Has anyone got chapters 330 onwards please "I'm just stating fact and I hope Jake treats you better than that wanker did". "Alanna" I yelled turning it down What was so special about Jake that every girl wanted a piece of him. Leah Wilson is thrust into a world she didn’t know existed. “Things got a little weird and then he tried to bite me. Sat, Jun 18, 2016. I didn't know what to do. He left town and no one's heard from him since. With Tommy it was always what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go. It wasn't until right now that I realised just how much I … Jake said. "Don't shut me out". Smiling back at them I could feel the girls eyes next to me boring holes. My gran said. Staring up at the sold sign that was perched on our front lawn a sigh fell from my … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 82 Chapter 82 "That's not fair Lana". "Unless he lets me off because you're here". Sitting up I turned my head looking out the window. It sure was a lovely morning. Lucky! chapter-18 Chapter 18 The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) lastest chapters. Once Jake had dropped me off I showered and changed into comfy clothing. The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 82 Chapter 82 "That's not fair Lana". Why did they think I would be good for him? They didn’t know me The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 100 I was hot, sweating actually. “Shouldn’t say anything”. What do I wear?”. Jake Taylor is arrogant, aggressive, and has some tiny touches of a-hole elements in his personality. Lifting my stuff I took the key from her and walked the rest of the way up the drive. Something felt different about today, I felt different. Pete was still here. Why did they think I would be good for him? They didn’t know me I jumped as Jake sauntered towards me. The feeling in the pit of my stomach wouldn't shift. For the life of me I couldn’t concentrate. My husband is Alpha of our pack, he is our leader. "He seems like a nice boy Leah. He was poison you just A hiss fell from my lips, my eyes being drawn to the pain, blood. This captivating story was penned by an author whose identity is unknown. As he lifted me into his arms I didn't protest. I was glad I … The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 44 . Ugh, anyone feeling like me? I need to rant to someone, lol. He wasn’t going to care that I was in pjs and his hoody. I was early so I decided to wait in the car park for her. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 55 . What were they hiding from me? "I'm well aware of Ellen's motives but she's wrong. … A place for fellow Romance Novel lovers to get regular updates, meet, suggest books and just have fun! Does anyone has a link for The alpha chose me by MissyElliotxo. "Lucky me". It was the night he took me to the beach shack for the very first time. What was so special about Jake that every girl wanted a piece of him. missed him, I missed him a lot. I sent him a text but he didn't reply. "Jack do something". I whimpered. She can throw everything she's got at me but there will come a time where I'll snap back". The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 39. She winked. Of course he hadn't lost his protectiveness over me. “Princess”. Were we friends? Kicking off my shoes I turned the TV on and fell onto the couch. Soothing my hands down my jeans I grabbed my leather jacket. Chapter 73. You look great, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you”. I go, ready for th s, It had been eighteen years The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 25 “You lost pup?”. “Speak for yourself”. Glancing at my wrist I ran a finger over where he cut me. I was tipsy, my head a little fuzzy but I was still aware of my surroundings. Putting on some music I sat on my window seat. I had no idea what the feeling was in my stomach. Chapter 1. I couldn’t stop smiling. Slipping my feet into my heeled shoes I put my bag over my shoulder. Switching off my alarm I sat up. "I'm sure I … The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 57. Nothing exciting Leah". I cried breakfast forgotten about. Plunged into a loveless union with a much older man, her heart longs for a connection she never anticipated. My car parked I was sat staring across the field. Putting my coffee down I took the 4 pills and glass of water from him. “So we’re going to your moms?”. His family accepted me and that was The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 60 . Abby should be here any minute now. My gran once again was no where to be seen. "We dont have to go. I missed him more than I thought I would. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 35 . I wasn't convinced, I knew they knew his whereabouts. It amazed me that it healed so fast. I smiled. Moving from her home in Florida and setting up a new life in Texas with her grandmother, things aren’t all what they seem. "Time you get her home Jake". Status: Ongoing Type: WereWolf Author: MissyElliotxo Artist: Leah and Jake Released: April 23, 2024 Native Language: English. He was my home, Ag he pulled back I opened my eyeg smiling. Lacey yelled, A snarl fell from … The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 22 . "Shut up I don't care what he thinks". took a sip of the wine. He wasn't going to care that I was in pjs and his hoody. Another one piped up. The Alpha Chose Me. The wind had calmed, the rain spitting. I was sat in English, my last class of the day before school was out for the weekend. He took the glass from my hand after I fin'shed what was 'n it. Announcement!! Sat, Oct 29, 2016. I wasn't sick, didn't have any symptoms of being sick but I felt off. Concentrating back on my school work I was reading over what I had so far when the door went. I didn't really want to see Jake just now. My smile faded when I caught sight of … The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 50 . It was like a itch I couldn't scratch. I was almost finished my work for English class and I was pretty proud of what I had wrote so far. In chapter The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 69 has clearly shown. Sign up with Email. It wasn't until the hand on my shoulder had me jumping a foot in the air. She smiled. Their attraction towards each other is instant, but their relationship is forbidden due to pack rules. Smiling at the doctor I placed my good hand on his cheek. He was spending the night in my bed. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 20 . What did she want The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 33. A chorus of hi’s and heys went around the car. “Let’s go”. readerexp. I loved that his back garden was all open, the forest went for miles. He put me first, it wasn't always about him. This was my home, this was my moms home and I … "Ask me that question in about a month". Chapter 818 2024-03-05. The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 70 Chapter 70 "Oh she does and that's okay. Jade and Jake. I guess I was scared in case he 28025. My eyes focused on Jessica's I smirked. That's how Jake found me. For some reason I couldn’t get drunk. “Leah honey, pancakes?”. Feeling the slight breeze as he pulled the cover back I tensed. We got home around 3am but instead of going back to The Alpha Chose Me Novel. I told you not to go near him and what do you do. I asked as she tried linking her arm through mine, I The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 60 . Home / Adult Romance / The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) / Chapter 90. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 64 . His claws were fully extended, one catching the inside of my wrist. "Just you". "You're hurting me". "It's maybe not fair but it's true. Every so often his hand would find mine. Chapter 112 I wasnt sure I was dressed for the occasion. "I missed you too". Chapter 11 "Okay" Lacey frowned. I seen him with a beer so surely he wasn’t driving? The beach wasn’t far from where we lived so I knew I only had a short distance to walk. Sure as shit his claws were extended. She knew everything. Chapter 4. I knew he was still here. I whispered. We were in the car on our way to the mall. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 36 . I hadn’t heard from him but I hoped everything was okay. Jack asked. "I really have missed you". Chapter 93. "That's not me Jake". The car ride was silent and I was grateful. Everyone this is Leah be nice". "Leah this is Ellie, Holly" She pointed to the two girls in the corner who smiled and waved at me. I needed to stop acting like an idiot. When my hand connected with his side he snarled turning so fast he knocked me off my feet. The The Alpha Chose Me MissyElliottxo Chapter 69 series has been updated with many new details. No! I was overthinking once again. Ash s hands rested on the lower of my back I peaked up at Wm. They had been hanging out a lot but didn’t have a title yet. Im now at chapter 92, trying so hard to keep going but I hate hate hate Jake so much and all I want is for Leah to ditch his sorry ass. My stomach was in knots. I said holding up my hands. Chapter 166 I fet suffocated. Today she was picking out what worktops she wanted for the kitchen. brushed my thumb overh's knuckles. No matter how embarrassing it was. I spotted him straight away. Chapter 26. Title: The Alpha Chose Me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be here anymore. 855. Iro ed … I could feel my wo f within me. Pulling up my hood I locked my front door shoving my key in my pocket. Turning my key in the door I went inside and locked it behind me. I must have dozed off because when I woke I was in Jake’s car with a blanket wrapped around me. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 27 . “Anything”. If I needed to pee, he took me. “He really isn’t a slag he just-…” “It’s nothing to do with me”. My dad was here. Abby was sat in front of me and I was trying to find a reason to speak to her. “He wants to take me out. Swallowing the pills I chased them with some water. Chapter 67. "I didn't think it was a big deal". With tears in my eyes I grabbed my jacket and purse. Once I let my guard slip and let him in it was like I couldn't turn off. Chapter 109 My heart was racing, beating so fast I could hear it. Cutting her off I held my hands up. Get notified when The Alpha chose me is updated. “Hey girl”. My final exam was complete. My gran liked Jake but his behaviour recently was off putting. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 34 . “I’m not going to hurt you”. Next chapter. Shutting the door behind me I glanced up at the house. "My mom didn't say much She asked us to d nner but there's no pressure". “I fucking knew it”. I hadn’t seen Ryan yet but I knew he was here after speaking with Abby in English. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 38 . The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 43. Im now at chapter 92, trying so hard to keep going but I hate hate hate Jake so much and all I want is for Leah to ditch … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 91 I felt weird. I was hot. My life wasn't boring but it wasn't all that. I drove to the training ground. I frowned. Lana came bursting through my door in a state. Saturday was the last time I spoke with him. Maybe I should change. “I’m tired”. He did have a good heart or so it seemed. I survived my first week, barely. But I couldn’t just sweep what I knew under the carpet. I snapped cutting him off. A few strips of bacon but I didn't touch my waffles. "l ike this". We got home around 3am but instead of going back to The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 59 . I suppose when you start you can't stop. In a hurry I stumbled on the stairs falling flat on my face. Groaning I sat up turning my bedside lamp on. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 41 “Well don’t you two look cute”. “You don’t have to be afraid of us Leah”. "Don't babe me". “He’ll be home soon”. 0. Eating the rest of my lunch I could feel her staring at me. Home; Browse; History; Library. He groaned. com. Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on his photos. “You okay?”. … By Adolf Taylor. Rating: 9. OR . I didn’t know what to do about him. . I pushed my plate to the side picking up my coffee. It didn’t go unnoticed, he frowned. He was a loose canon waiting to explode. He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me to him. “So much for just hanging out”. The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge. "Go back to sleep princess it's late". Wed, Jun 29, 2016. Chapter 96. “Thanks for asking me over tonight it was fun”. Was I to blind to see that's how our relationship was? I spent almost two years with him and no it wasn't always perfect but we did have something or at least I thought we did. “I’m Chapter 102. Staring up at the sold sign that was perched on our front lawn a sigh fell from my lips. I was sexually frustrated and pissed off at the same time. The VIP area wasn’t so different from the main area. As he placed a kiss on the tip of my nose my eyes closed. “Leah is that you?”. I was snug Ying on Jakes chest listening to his heart beat For the first time in ages felt like everything was going to be okay, All the worries gone, no stress, no what's ifs and no th nk ng I wasn't good enough. Turning on the light I slipped my jacket and boots off and went to find a dry towel. I had been up for hours. Novel series The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 90 has come to the best content of the series. Chapter 5. As time passes, fate intertwines her path with that of her husband's charismatic an. I had been up with the birds even watched the sun rise. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 57 “Hey girls”. I heard Alanna before I … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah and Jake) by MissyElliotxo. 1 month today since I last saw him. My eyebrows furrowed. And just like that his claws were gone. He had been away for 3 days. She deserved it and I wasn’t going to feel guilty for putting her in her place. Closing the door behind me I fell against it. Can you tell I had already taken some of them. I couldn't sing but it didn't stop me from belting it out. Jake was still sleeping. I dont care if he's an Alpha, You're my best friend and I'm pretty sure I could take h m". I asked trying to hide my smile. She thought doing this was the best for us so I was going to try and make it work. The novel “The Alpha Chose Me” is compelling because it transports readers to a world that is fraught with supernatural beings, supernatural romance, and other mysteries. He broke my heart all over again. Our last encounter like this wasn't very friendly and right now I wasn't sure if it was Jake or his wolf that was present. “Pancakes Leah?”. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 37 . 2 of each". Reading the caption a lump appeared in the back of my throat. It was? The last thing I remember was the talk with my gran and then being in my room. chapter-81 Chapter 81 The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) lastest chapters. Alanna was here to? "My gran wants to move out as soon as she can". 5 (Very Good) The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 20 . November 2, 2023. My body was still on fire. I didn’t sleep good at all. By the time I had packed a bag and made sure my house was secure the weather had dimmed. The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) Author: Missy Elliott. He hadn't seen me yet but I knew he knew I was here. He brushed his nose against mine. I had been stood staring at myself in the mirror for the last 20 minutes. Hearing my phone ping from under my pillow I remember last night. Bride behind the mask novel (Marguerite) Chapter 607 2024-03-05. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. He couldn’t be here when she got home. Closing the door behind us I dropped my bag and pulled my hoodie over my head. I didn’t know how long I sat staring at the message. "You tricked me-that photo?". Tom and Matt over there. I was out my face and loving it. “Shut up I don’t care what he thinks”. I felt ill. Sitting my cup down my shaking hand didn’t go unnoticed. Groaning I moved closer to him, this felt right, us being like this felt right. I liked his mom but I knew she was aware of the situation. Placing his hand on my thigh he squeezed gently. "Baby why you hurt me, leave me and desert me". He’s not busy anymore. It is a narrative that chronicles the life of Leah Wilson, an ordinary human who is pushed Chapter 92. Sep 10, 2022 … The Alpha Chose Me (Leah Wilson and Jake) Chapter 104 We hadn't moved from the couch since I got back from seeing my gran. Jake wasn't angry but he did seem a little chapter-90 Chapter 90 The Alpha Chose Me ( Leah Wilson and Jake) lastest chapters. You look great, he won't be able to keep his hands off you". --- Locked Chapter ---Login to continue read this book. "I remember everything". I wanted to cry. He had literally flipped my world upside down, become such a big part of my life within such a short time. The Alpha Chose Me - Chapter 21. I groaned. What if she was stuck somewhere? The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 51 . It was like he was pushing for me to remember but he didn't have to. ,: 'Tm going to stop you right there". "Hm?". The butterflies erupted in my stomach, that feeling of home settling 'n. Pushing open the school doors I walked down the steps towards his car. “Hey girls”. My eyes connected with the black ones of his wolf. Pulling out into the road he turned the radio on. He cut me off "If anyth ng, I'm not good enough for you. I put you through so much shit and you're still here, fucked up so many times and yet you stayed. I was half way through my second period. The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 28. "Speaking like a true Luna". I wasn’t sure I could face Jake right now. “Leah?”. I loved this story at first, then slowly everything went to shit. I hadn’t heard back from Jake yet and my message was still sat on delivered so he hadn’t even read it yet. I couldn't stop thinking about Carter. "Seriously Leah can we go". I had lived in Florida for as long as I could remember. Oh god he was coming over for coffee. As the pain sored through my hand a strangled cry fell from my lips. The story revolves around Leah, a young woman who is struggling to find her place in the … I loved this story at first, then slowly everything went to shit. Rolling my eyes I placed my hands against his chest. He did this to me, he was making me feel like this and giving me nothing. Although I was starting to get hungry. "Babe slow down with that". How wrong was I. I had texted Ryan letting him know I had left and that he didn’t need to take me home. He asked pulling away from the hospital. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wonder if they all had that ability or just him because he's Alpha. I had already decided I wasn’t going into school today. His glare didn’t go unnoticed. I woke around eleven. I didn't eat much at all. He was my first everything and I wanted to make him happy. Pup? “Pete’s just kidding Leah. I loved him dearly, but he was getting On my last nerve. I thought it was date night until we pulled up outs-de that fancy hotel he took meto last time. He was Alpha, he wasn't just going to abandon his pack The Alpha Chose Me Chapter 62 . Description of Novels. As I was scrolling my heart tightened as I noticed he had a picture of me in there. 18+ ABO Adult Alpha Attractive Fantasy Paranormal Truelove Werewolf/Vampire. “Your hearts racing”. “See you tomorrow”. School was almost over so I knew Alanna would be here soon. I sighed closing the door and putting my seatbelt on. "Said he would only come tonight if he knew for sure you were going to be here. 'Cause I missed yout He grabbed me around the wa'st pu ling me flush aga'nst h' m. Publisher: Hinovel. “Come here beautiful”. Third coffee of the day and it wasn't even 5am. I'm so sorry Leah. Walking the short distance home I caught sight of Lana at my bedroom window. Today was another day closer to leaving. "I will have to take a shift at some point tonight". For me he was so easy to talk to but it didn't help that I was drawn to him. Yet, she can be sure, “The Alpha Chose Me,” because she instantly feels a strange … Chapter 1. sg np zt pv kv pe xd de ls hu